Youth aware

City of Skopje
: 2016-2-RO01-KA105-025082
: Education, employment and social policies
: 2.412,00 €
: 08.1.2016
: erasmus + Youth mobility
: 31-01-2017
: Grant
: 2.412,00 €
: Association for sustainable development and environmental protection GO GREEN Skopje

: The idea of the YOUTH AWARE project centers on cultural awareness, integration and youth initiative was born by creating empathy through close cooperation with different disadvantaged groups as transferable methodology in order to address issues as social segregation.In youth workers meetings with the partners of the project, as in consulting the local community youth we were signaled similar needs from all partner countries. The central problem reported was negative reactions towards otherness as result of lack of empathy and value centered education. The TG of the project is 32 young people from 7 countries (4 from every partner country and 8 from RO), with ages between 18-30, accompanied by 1/2 youth leaders, in total 40 participants. Indirect TG: 140 young people from the local communities of the partner organisations will find out about the youth opportunities through Erasmus+. - 15 young Roma people, 10 autistic youth and 12 young inmates will cooperate with the YE participants;- 10 members of different local NGOs will cooperate with the young project participants;- 2 media reporters will be in contact with project participants.- 4 representatives of ISJ Dolj will discuss with the 40 project participants;- 5 local schools will have representatives to the impact show activity;- at least 100 students will see the flash mob on tolerance and 400 students will see the exhibits - crafts and photovoice;The objectives of the project are:developing the 8 European key competences (knowledge, attitudes and skills) with focus on intercultural competences and personal community initiative, increasing employability and nurturing personal development of 32 youth during 9 days (activity A1) of mobility in Craiova, RO, through non-formal education activities, while interacting with disadvantaged groups.2. Creating impact in the participants’ countries at local/regional level to reduce discrimination, increase cross cultural awareness and acceptance during the lifetime of the project3. Creating an informal network of 7 organisations with increased organisational capacity and competencies in cultural awareness, social and cultural integration for youth. The activities of the project will be preparation, community activities, one youth exchange mobility and follow up activities.The mobility will take place between 17-25.10.2016 in Craiova, Romania. Countries involved: RO (host and coordinator, 8 youth and 2 youth leaders), PT, SP, MK, IT, GR, BG (each sending 4 youth + 1 youth leader).Mobility activities venues: in our headquarters/ a bigger training room if there is need, but also stakeholders locations: Anton Pann school, ANCAAR headquarters, Youth prison, University of Craiova Hallway.Working methods used: experiential learning activities, getting to know each other activities, group building activities, energizers, workshops, debates, games, living library, flash mob , photovoice, meditation, vision board, coaching, community interaction, outdoor activities, reflection, flash mob, exhibits, other activities directly linked to the cultural and social and civic competences etc.The results will be learning outcomes for the participants, cultural awareness materials (photo, video) and campaigns, flash mob and exhibits of Autistic photovoice and crafts on integration.Impact for the participants:-Development of empathy skills for better communication and group work-Raising of awareness on cultural differences and how to deal with them-Better perception of social issues at an european level-Raise of awareness about disadvantaged groups and their struggles-Acquiring tools to address and fight social issues like discrimination-Development of skills for communication, group work, creativity-Discovering the possibilities of the Erasmus + platform-Raising communication capabilities in an international context-Awareness of social and segregation issues that affect youth-Developed team building and personal organization skills-Developed greater artistic and cultural interpretation sense-Better digital skills and greater understanding on how to use media tools and social media. Sustainability is ensured through development of human resources, future cooperation between the partners and the interested stakeholders, who are being informed and involved constantly.The impact at local, regional, national and international level will be an increase in the youth institutions’ European dimension in education, cooperation between various relevant stakeholders from formal and non-formal educational areas, personal and professional development of the involved youth through the acquisition of key competences, promotion of Erasmus+ opportunities between young people in all involved countries.The project supports the objective of the Erasmus + program on intercultural dialogue, tolerance, reaching out to marginalised young people, promoting diversity.