Let's Play Handball - Sport Reporting Volunteering

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: Education, employment and social policies
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: 04.1.2015
: erasmus +Large-scale EVS events
: 11.01.2015
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: Through this project, we want to focus on and tackle two challenges which are an important issue to be dealt with: lack of interest of young people in sports and lack of professional training for young people during their studies. That is why we aim to invite 30 young journalism students from European countries to participate in a Large Scale European Voluntary Service and as volunteers to cover the happenings at international sports event hosted in Macedonia: 17th European Women’s Youth Handball Championship. The participants will spend 40 days in Macedonia (22 July – 31 August 2015) to get more deeply into sport journalism and multimedia and produce articles and other multimedia contents that will document the course of the Championship and will be published on the website created by the participants.
Through the non-formal methods of learning, this experience will provide the journalism students with an opportunity to improve the level of their journalistic skills, which they can apply later in their professional careers, and in this way increase their employability. Furthermore, volunteering in sport contributes to active citizenship and to the integration of citizens with different backgrounds by creating better understanding and respect. On the other side, the promotion of this sports event by volunteers to the general public will help in promoting healthy behaviours and sports and in raising the awareness about volunteering in the EU and Partner Countries.
The Macedonian Handball Federation MHF proposed to organise the 17th European Women’s Youth Handball Championship in 2015. Similarly to the previous Handball Championships, this event will take place in two venues, Boris Trajkovski Sports Hall in the capital, Skopje, and Biljanini Izvori Sports Hall in Ohrid. The tournament is planned to be carried out from 12 to 24 August 2015.
16 of the best junior women national teams will compete for the title. Total will be played 56 games. Expected number of spectators is estimated to be approximately 300 persons at one game, according to published data of the Championship in 2013 that took place in Poland last year.