Challenging Youth trough Youth Work!!!

: 566090-EPP-1-2015-1-MK-EPPKA2-CBY-ACPALA
: Education, employment and social policies
: 96.185,00 €
: 10.5.2015
: erasmus + Capacity Building for youth in ACP countries, Latin America and Asia
: 02.05.2017
: Grant
: 96.185,00 €

: Starting from September 2015, together with our partners from Kyrgyzstan and Romania, we will implement a project, which will be consisted of series of activities for aimed for youth workers, which will result with the upgrading of the quality of youth work in Kyrgyzstan, along with development of better support systems in the country.

Community youth work is a process of empowering and supporting youth by offering them opportunities of various kinds, complementing those of home, formal education and work, to discover and develop their personal resources and become active members of their community. Through informal education processes, youth work enables young people to increase their understanding and knowledge of themselves and the world they live in, encouraging and supporting young people’s participation in creating change towards just societies. Through our work with young people, we aim to promote social reconstruction in the region and therefore contribute to community development in general.

The project implementation will be consisted in six different modules and activities, which are structured for the capacity building of the youth workers in Kyrgyzstan. The first three activities are designed to be training courses, which will upgrade the knowledge and further develop the competences of the youth workers from the partner country. The fourth and fifth activity are designed as seminars, where the participants on the previous three activities will have the opportunity to travel from their home country to Macedonia and Romania and discuss with local youth organizations, in order to exchange experiences with the local youth workers and leaders and implement the gained knowledge and developed competences in their own country. The whole cycle of six activities will connect more than 50 youth workers/leaders from involved countries (in the last activity we will also include representatives of the national and local authorities) and the activities will be implemented with the help of two experts -trainers ,in the field of youth from Macedonia, and one expert/trainer from Romania. The team will be completed by two supporting staff, both from Kyrgyzstan, which will help with the implementation of the planned program.

The first training course will be implemented from 20-27 November 2015, the second from 10-17 January 2016 and the third training course will be held from 3-10 March 2016, all in Kyrgyzstan. The first study visit will take place from 23-30 April 2016 in Romania. The fifth activity will take place in Macedonia, also a study visit, from 5-12 June 2016. The sixth activity will be seminar, which will be implemented again in Kyrgyzstan, in the period between 10-16 September 2016. On this seminar, we will evaluate the results from the previous five activities and we will also invite representatives from the local and national authorities in Kyrgyzstan.