Through a Glass, Darkly: A European Literary Pilgrimage

City of Skopje
: 561354-CREA-1-2015-1-MK-CULT-LIT1
: Education, employment and social policies
: 30.499,00 €
: 01.9.2015
: Culture
: 01.09.2015
: Grant
: 30.499,00 €

: With the financial support of the Creative Europe program Bata Press has succeeded in publishing 6 titles of high-quality literary fiction as a part of the series “Europae Speculum”, most of them written in lesser used languages. All 6 works are by award-winning authors from different literary traditions, generations and backgrounds, so they reached as broad an audience as possible. Two thirds of the authors are women, and all but one of the novels are written in lesser-used languages. Most of the works to be translated have received (inter)national literary awards, one All The Birds Singing by Evie Wyld being the recipient of the EU Prize for Literature. The works differ in subject matter, style and genre, but are united by the pilgrimage theme, the coming to terms with one’s own painful past, as well as one’s country’s troubled history. They are all deeply personal stories of individuals – placed in specific historical and geographical circumstances – overcoming obstacles and referring to the wider human condition.

The project helped the transcultural circulation of high-quality European literature, as well as fostered the promotion and distribution of the literary works and employed innovative methods, with a particular emphasis on digital technologies, which corresponds to the objectives and priorities of the Creative Europe Programme.