Europe in Diversity: Ten intercultural authors going digital and beyond

City of Skopje
: 561329-CREA-1-2015-1-MK-CULT-LIT1
: Education, employment and social policies
: 54.940,00 €
: 15.9.2015
: Culture
: 15.09.2015
: Grant
: 54.940,00 €

: The project “Europe in diversity: 9 intercultural authors going digital and beyond” encompassed translation and promotion of 9 fiction books from 9 different EU countries. All included works have high literary quality. Some of the authors are winners of EU prize for literature; some have won prestigious national and international. Apart from the essential aspect that these are books of high literary values, majority of the authors have specific intercultural background, or deal with the issues of diversities and hybrid identities. This overall theme was something that was always embedded in all the activities in regard to the presentations of the books. Published tittles reached various audiences in the country through the use of set of digital and non-digital promotional activities. Books are available in almost every bookstore in the country, in bigger libraries, but also were presented at several book fairs and festivals, more concretely on a book fair in Strumica, as well as on festivals in Struga, Bitola, and Tetovo. For 5 of published books we organized promotions with the presence of the authors. That was great opportunity for the readers to meet the writers, to speak with them and discussed about the topics opened in the books. Since the books are available both in paper and e-book format, they are available for the audience not just in our country, but also for the widest diasporic and migrant community still speaking and nurturing their mother tongue. In order to raise the profile of the translators and underline the significance of the translation as a very important bridge for intercultural communication and understanding, we publish a promo booklet with full biographical information and promotional kit for the translators. Also, we produced a series of videos for the enlisted books that are available on our web page and our YouTube channel. All of these elements have created a good synergy between good books, their presentation and promotion, and, hopefully, the significant influence they will have in our cultural context.