New Voices of European Literature

City of Skopje
: 561268-CREA-1-2015-1-MK-CULT-LIT1
: Education, employment and social policies
: 49.978,00 €
: 01.9.2015
: Culture
: 01.09.2015
: Grant
: 49.978,00 €

: With our project we propose the translation of 7 high-quality novels from 7 European countries, with a special emphasis on works written in lesser used languages, with which the Macedonian readership seldom comes into contact. The books are to be translated into the newly established edition, which will only focus on works by young European authors and pay great attention to the promotion of the literary and linguistic diversity of European culture.PABLISHER has a professional, experienced and devoted team that will be responsible for the realization of the project. The project itself, founded on the excellent literary works certainly deserving support and promotion, the experienced translators who will invest all their professional capital to produce high-quality translation, as well as the meticulously prepared strategy for its realization, is the best evidence of our support of the important goals, principles and values on which the Creative Europe Programme rests.The main objective of the project is to enable greater circulation of high-quality European literature, as well as the promotion of young European authors. Almost all of these authors have never before been translated into Macedonian. They are new, original, young voices on the literary scene that, according to both critics and readers, have a great potential of becoming an integral part of the core of eminent European literature in the future. Even though the authors come from the younger generation, they have won important literary awards—one is the recipient of the EU Prize for Literature—and already achieved serious (inter)national success. For these reasons, PABLISHER has decided to introduce these authors to the Macedonian readership, not just through quality translation and wide distribution of their works, but also through comprehensive promotional activities—with a special emphasis on digital media, most suitable for younger audiences—which will directly involve the authors themselves.