Literary voyage across Europe

City of Skopje
: 552722-CREA-1-2014-1-MK-CULT-LIT1
: Education, employment and social policies
: 58.234,00 €
: 01.9.2014
: Culture
: 01.09.2014
: Grant
: 58.234,00 €

: Our project involves the translation of 10 high-quality works of fiction from 10 European languages into Macedonian. These works will establish the foundations of our new edition Promenade.The proposed project invites the readers on a journey across literary Europe - not only a (geographical) tour, but also a voyage through history and culture as seen through the lens of diverse contemporary, award-winning authors.The proposed works vary thematically but they all focus on locations that act both as settings and supporting characters in the narratives. They take the reader on a pilgrimage in space and time, across linguistic and literary traditions, across individual and collective destinies. The idea for the edition Promenade was prompted by a view of European literature as a virtual adventure of unity and diversity, while the literary translation serves as the main instrument of intercultural exchange.The main emphasis in our project is on less-used languages. Therefore, 8 of the books will be translations from these traditions, making linguistic diversity a key feature of the series. Moreover, the project will give our publishing house the opportunity to work with several languages for the first time, namely Swedish, Albanian and Romanian, thus expanding our circle of collaborators.In line with our cosmopolitan theme, our goal is to include one work of fiction by an expatriate author based in Europe (Roberto Bolano), adding a cross-border dimension to our culturally diverse project. The literary merit of the selection, our rich experience and our overall strategy, as well our high-quality human resources show our clear support of the principles behind the programme and our intention to broaden the literary and cultural horizons of Macedonian readers. By bringing together the works of these European authors, our project recognises and promotes the idea of a shared European cultural identity.