City of Skopje
: 583919-CREA-1-2017-1-BE-CULT-COOP2
: Education, employment and social policies
: 246.611,00 €
: 03.7.2017
: Culture
: 03.07.2017
: Grant
: 246.611,00 €

: The “UNITED FASHION “project will be carried out by a cluster of 8 European fashion designers associations, fashion weeks and incubators, from 7 different countries promoting entrepreneurial creativity and innovation to enhance business opportunities for European fashion designers. The fashion sector is one of the key culture and creative industries in Europe today. The culture of fashion designers across Europe is highly creative and driven by originality and innovation, exemplified by the academic training of fashion designers and their dedication to craft. Since 2008, the traditional fashion business models for creatives have changed drastically, which requires a different business approach from designers, but also from the entire fashion industry in Europe. This program will address the requirement to enhance the culture of fashion designers across Europe to be more internationally business minded and to enhance their competitiveness, without limiting their creativity. Through a number of cross-border trans-disciplinary training workshops and international network events organized by these 8 fashion organisations, more than 800 European fashion designers, as well as local designers will have the opportunity to enhance the quality of their creative design and business skills and share best practices. Via this cross-border platform set up in UK, Denmark, France, the Baltic region (lead Latvia), the Balkan region (lead Macedonia), Spain and Belgium, traveling designer showrooms will enable fashion professionals to accommodate on-site market knowledge and new business opportunities. The creation of a permanent Europe-wide network of European fashion designers associations and fashion professionals, entitled as the Fashion Council Europe, will come about as a natural effect of the joint work of this project implementation.