Broadcasting the EU

: 382-569
: Democracy and Governance
: 201.500,00 €
: Dec-2016
: Institution building for European Integration; Information and communication technology(ICT)
: Mar-2018
: 201.500,00 €
: Delegation of the European Union in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

: Production and broadcasting of television programmes and/or video-clips which will bring the European accession process, including EU assistance, closer to the citizens and show the benefits of the EU related reforms in their everyday life. The purposes of this contract are as follows:
• to increase the knowledge and general understanding of EU's policies, objectives, programmes and perspectives among the population at large; and • to ensure better understanding of the process of accession of the country into the European Union and its positive impact on the everyday life of citizens, as well as to dispel the related myths and misconceptions.