Balkan Design Network

City of Skopje
: 552343-CREA-1-2014-1-MK-CULT-COOP1
: Education, employment and social policies
: 66.506,00 €
: 05.9.2014
: Culture
: 05.09.2014
: Grant
: 66.506,00 €

: Balkan Design Network (BDN) is an innovative platform that stimulates and supports the production and presentation of the Balkan design with an aim to demonstrate the benefits of high-quality design for social development, to highlight the value of design for businesses and to promote design to the wide audience. The three main participating organizers: Croatian Designers Association (Croatia), Public Room (Macedonia) and Mikser organization (Serbia) unite expertise and experiences with local and international designers, design institutions and festivals to create a new collaborative venture in European design. By connecting three creative organizations the project will serve as a case study for a development of a larger BDN that will include more countries, companies, creative workers and audiences thus creating a design and business database network of Balkan creative scene. The two-year project consists of the regional design competition for young product designers, an international touring exhibition, a series of residency workshops and practical trainings pursued in cooperation with the leading regional design manufacturers as well as networking and promotional activities. A special attention is given to the project future sustainability by creating a design and business database of Balkan creative scene. Engaged with challenge to educate a wide range of target audiences like general public, SME-s and public authorities about the value of design, this project develops a multitude of activities demonstrating the potential of design to foster innovation and competitiveness in SME-s and deliver innovative solutions for products, services, society and the public sector. Project is targeting young designers to whom will offer additional education and international career opportunities, companies to whom will help to better respond to merging market trends and broad spectrum of audiences to whom will provide access to new European contemporary design.