Enterprise Europe Network in Macedonia

City of Skopje
: COS-EEN-2014-2-01
: Competitiveness and Innovation
: 0,00 €
: 18.12.2014
: Private sector development
: 17.12.2020
: Grant
: 0,00 €
: ECONOMIC CHAMBER OF MACEDONIA (Partner) - Republic of North Macedonia

: The Enterprise Europe Network in Macedonia (EEN-M) project aims to provide integrated support services for increased competitiveness and access to markets for SMEs and other target audience from the whole territory of the R. Macedonia (NUTS1). Main target audience are local SMEs interested in carrying out international activities and/or engaging in innovation. Nevertheless, general services of the Network, such as awareness raising and information related services will be aimed at all SMEs in general. EEN-M project also targets other organisations that have strong capacity to mobilize SMEs for internationalisation, support innovation and research actions, or facilitate access to finance: business support and representative organisations; business and innovation service providers; and research performing organisations. The goal of the project is to improve the competitiveness of the Macedonian SMEs on the national and the European market, through the creation of a single network providing integrated services in support of business, research and innovation/technology transfer. The EEN-M project will achieve this goal through the mobilisation of the efforts of the major players in this area in the country – including the current host organisations of the Network in Macedonia. The EEN-M consortium will implement following activities/services: advice, support and information on EU relevant matters, cross-border partnering services for business, technology transfer, innovation and research cooperation; SME Feedback services; promotion and visibility; Network building and enhancement; and project management activities.