Improving senior tourism on small-medium lakeside towns in Europe

: COS-TOUR-2015-3-04-1
: Competitiveness and Innovation
: 39.171,00 €
: 01.4.2016
: Private sector development
: 30.06.2017
: Grant
: 39.171,00 €
: MUNICIPALITY OF OHRID (Partner) - Republic of North Macedonia

: LAKtive Tourism aim is the creation of specific tourism product focused on senior target groups (over 55) travelling in low/ medium season towards small towns placed on lakes. The overall objectives of the action are: a) Establish a tourism mechanism exchange between project partners; b) Increase the number of senior tourists travelling among “LAKtive Tourism” project European countries in low and medium season. The proposed project intends to further increase the typical tourists’ presence especially as regards the low season, by fostering deseasonalization. The project is proposed by 6 lakeside towns representing 5 European countries. The project will last 15 months and in this timeframe partners will first of all carry out preparatory actions, necessary to later design and develop the tourist package dedicated to seniors. The package will be focused on the lake as common natural partner feature, but - besides this - seniors may benefit of several additional activities offered. The partnership will then conduct pilot tests in their own country to evaluate the results and success of the tourism product designed. During the entire project lifetime, the partners will maintain a continuous and constant contact, under the guidance of the coordinator (Municipality of Iseo), monitoring periodically project results and disseminating information about “LAKTive Tourism” project. “LAKtive Tourism” resulted, in concordance with the goals indicated in Europe 2020 Strategy, from the determination to encourage the competitiveness of SMEs in individual territorialities through access to a European market. The involvement of international partners confirms how crucially important the “Country of Europe” is, made of a shared heritage of inestimable value as well as of “great geographical diversity” which is conductive to the development of tourist products of great interest and with huge potential for growth.