Green Ict deVElopment

City of Skopje
: COS-CLUSINT-2016-03-01
: Competitiveness and Innovation
: 24.732,00 €
: 01.12.2017
: Private sector development
: 30.11.2019
: Grant
: 32.976,00 €
: CHAMBER OF COMMERCE FOR INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGI (Partner) - Macedonia (the former Yugoslav Republic of)

: Europe 2020 underlines the importance of Europe’s re-industrialization and increase of global competitiveness by boosting the emerging industries development and supporting SMEs performance on global markets. Clusters and business support organizations are facilitators for development of emerging industries and springboards for fostering SMEs internationalization. They could play an important role in helping SMEs to find the right partners and to produce globally competitive products and services. Green Ict deVElopment (GIVE) general project objective is to build up strategic cluster partnership in the field of smart green technologies among the three vital industries - automotive, renewable energy and ICT. The smart green technologies encompass all industrial and human activities which generate positive impact to the environment applying Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Today, traditional manufacturing industries as automotive and renewable energy should find smart solutions to answer to global environmental challenge they face by applying ICT. The GIVE partnership will be based on cross-clusters, cross- border, and cross - regional and cross - industry collaboration. It is very challenging because it has eight partners from seven different countries, two different European regions and three vital industries. The specific objectives of the GIVE project are: • to create a favorable framework for establishing a sustainable cross-industry strategic cluster partnership across Europe among three vital industries- ICT, automotive and renewable energy by implementation of partnership building and collaboration activities. • to build up sustainable strategic cluster partnership based on development of GIVE internationalization strategy and implementation roadmap . • to promote GIVE partnership and increase online promotion of GIVE partners by implementation of identity shaping, communication, promotion and online media activities.