EYE Sustainabilty, Experience, Exchange, Partnership Reloaded 2017

City of Skopje
: COS-EYE-2017-4-01
: Competitiveness and Innovation
: 45.145,00 €
: 01.2.2018
: Private sector development
: 31.01.2020
: Grant
: 53.358,00 €
: ZDRUZENIE INSTITUT ZA RAZVOJ NA ZAEDNICATA (Partner) - Macedonia (the former Yugoslav Republic of)

: The new consortium “EYE SEE P 2017” is organised as a European partnership (EP) which is composed by 8 partners, thereof 6 from EU member states (DE, ES, IT, LV and PL) and 2 from countries participating in the COSME programme pursuant to Article 6 like 2 enlargement countries (ME and FYRoM). The consortium has a wide range of partners all with a high potential of new entrepreneurs (NE) and experienced host entrepreneur (HE). The consortium partners have to confront the specific challenge to foster and enhance self-employment and business creation in their related regions starting from different economic levels and entrepreneurial culture, helping NE to acquire and build managerial skills by working with HE on concrete business projects. Direct beneficiaries are most of all micro and smallest entrepreneurs both as NEs or HEs from the business sectors social entrepreneurship, creative industry, ICT and tourism. Specific measurable objectives are: - Sensitise around 800 entrepreneurs that means round about 100 either HE or NE per partner mostly by direct contacts as well as by media and non-media communication and promotion using also social networks, “LinkedIn” and “Facebook” - Involve at least 101 entrepreneurs in relationships (RLT), i.e. in average 12 entrepreneurs per consortium partner, either as NE or HE - Offering assistance and support to at least 63 NEs that means round about 8 NEs per partner who are visiting a HE covered by the respective IO, including the financial assistance, i.e. give this 63 NEs the opportunity to complete a successful on the job training abroad with experienced entrepreneurs - Achieve a rate of successful exchanges above 90 % of successful peer-to-peer learning (RLT) abroad The partnership “EYE SEE P Reloaded” is well aware that the quality performance indicator could not be given in figures but stays in the feedback of the RLT’s actors on the concrete added value gained throughout the RLT.