Reconstruction of the Prison in Bitola

: 12-6112/1
: Rule of law and fundamental rights
: 757.631,18 €
: 01/02/2019
: Support to the Justice Sector
: 01/10/2021
: 977.588,62 €
: Prison in Bitola

: The works contract shall cover works on Reconstruction of the Prison in Bitola. In order to improve the prison system and the conditions for detained and convicted persons in accordance with European standards, the reconstruction of the prison Bitola (on an area of 2300m²) and the facility of the old prison (on an area of 210m²) will include: the cells in the prison and pre-trial detention part; the toilets; solving the humidity issue and the bad isolation in the institution; have approach to natural light (specifically in the pre-trial detention part); improving the heating system.