Supervision of works for adaptation /refurbishing of basic public prosecution offices

: 12-5866/1
: Rule of law and fundamental rights
: 154.670,00 €
: 01/02/2019
: Support to the Justice Sector
: 01/04/2021
: 154.670,00 €
: Public Prosecution Offices’s

: The project of which this contract will be a part is aimed at improving the overall conditions of judicial institutions in the country, to a more effective justice sector reforms in line with EU and international standards. The purpose of this contract is overall supervision of the adaptation/refurbishing of the Basic Public Prosecution Offices’s countrywide. The scope of the work, in general, will cover preparation of work plan for supervision; conducting inspections on the adaptation/refurbishing site in coordination with the Works contractor; ensuring that all the quality standards for adaptation/refurbishing and adaptation/refurbishing materials are met, as well as that all a work conforms to the specified technical documentation and the adaptation/refurbishing permit and the allocated budget for adaptation/refurbishing; and ensuring that the Works Contractor fulfils its contractual obligations during the Defects Liability Period, including rectification of all defects in the works.