Social Accountability for Gender Equality (grant scheme "Supporting civil society in watchdog and monitoring the public institutions" - LOT 2

: 381-743
: Education, employment and social policies
: 217.399,70 €
: Jan-2017
: Civil Society; Public administration reform; Equal opportunities and qender equality
: Dec-2019
: Grant
: 241.555,23 €
: Association for Emancipation Solidarity and Equaltiy of Women- ESE; and Akcija Zdruzhenska

: To establish a national civil society network for promotion of social accountability for gender equality. At least 6 organizations members of the network will have adopted framework for women’s civic engagement; use effective methodologies for women empowerment to hold government accountable; and advocate gender responsive budgeting and service delivery tailored to women's needs.
Specific objectives are: SO1: Monitor and assess efficiency and effectiveness of budget spending and service provision in the area of active employment measures; SO 2: Raise capacities of local NGOs and local communities (women and men) to apply social accountability methodologies in advocating gender equality; and SO 3: Improve public visibility of the issues of transparency and accountability in area of gender policy planning and budgeting.