Bogdanci Wind Park Pilot Project

: Environment and climate action
: 400.000,00 €
: Jan-2012
: Renewable energy
: Dec-2019
: Grant
: 76.000.000,00 €
: AD ELEM Macedonian Power Plants

: the overall objective is a feasibility study was undertaken for a pilot wind farm that will demonstrate the technology, prove the viability of wind energy, and encourage private investment in further such renewable energy projects.the 16 turbines have a 36.8 mw capacity and annual production averaged 120 gwh over the first 3 years of operations (2015-2017), ahead of plan, thanks to stronger than expected summer winds. this is approximately one week of the North Macedonian power production. elem is now considering a second phase to bring total capacity to 50 mw according to the original plan. this second phase should be finalised by the end of 2019.