Further Harmonisation with EU acquis in field of Movement of Capital and Payments and Financial Services - Securities markets and Investment services

: 11-41235/1
: Democracy and Governance
: 1.108.493,12 €
: Dec-2014
: Economic governance; Public financial management
: Aug-2016
: 1.264.000,00 €
: Ministry of Finance (MoF); NBRM; Security and Exchange Commission

: Establishment and implementation of contemporary, transparent and efficient payment system, as well as efficient, transparent and competitive capital market in compliance with the EU legal framework governing these areas. The purpose of this contract is: 1. to ensure competition and participation in the payments industry also from non-banks thus fostering greater efficiency and cost-reduction as well as greater consumer protection; and 2. to ensure better regulation of the operations of all capital market participants that will result in more efficient, fair and legal capital market.