Further support to independent, accountable, professional and efficient judiciary and promotion of probation service and alternative sanctioning

: 11-40528/1
: Rule of law and fundamental rights
: 963.750,00 €
: Dec-2014
: Judicial reform
: Dec-2016
: 1.070.690,00 €
: Judicial Council, Supreme Court, courts, Council of Public Prosecutors, General Public Prosecutor's Office, Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Directorate for Execution of Sanctions, Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors

: To strengthen the independence, accountability, transparency, professionalism and efficiency of the judiciary and to improve the system for execution of alternative measures through establishment of probation service.
Project purpose: To strengthen the capacity of the judiciary, with special focus on the Judicial Council, Council of Public Prosecutors, Academy for judges and public prosecutors, courts and public prosecution offices for an efficient performance of their tasks. In addition, the project will support the Directorate of Execution of Sanctions in the enforcement of alternative measures through the establishment of a probation service in line with EU and international human rights standards.