Introduction of IPARD measures (LEADER and Advisory Services) to be implemented under IPARD ?I

: 353-179
: Agriculture and rural development
: 908.750,00 €
: Feb-2015
: Institution building for European integration; Rural development
: Aug-2016
: 908.750,00 €
: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy (MAFWE); IPARD Agency

: The project has supported the Managing Authority in programming the measure "LEADER approach" and the measure "Advisory Services" under IPARD II Programme. Moreover, the project expertise has been provided to strenghten the institutional and organizational capacity of the Managing Authority and IPARD Agency for efficient implementation of "LEADER approach" and "Advisory Services" measures as well as providing training to advisory services for supporting of potential IPARD II applicants.
Further, the project has proposed strategy and roadmap for establishing the National Rural Network and its functioning.