Introduction of Cross-Compliance into direct payments scheme

: 10-21825/2
: Agriculture and rural development
: 902.500,00 €
: Aug-2013
: Institution building for European integration; Rural development
: Oct-2015
: TW
: 950.000,00 €
: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy (MAWFE); Agency for Financial Support of Agriculture and Rural Development (AFSARD)

: To support the gradual introduction of cross-compliance into the direct payment scheme. Specific objectives: i) work on the alignment of the legislative framework with the acquis, ii) support policy makers in terms of introduction of minimum requirements related to good agricultural practices, preservation of the environment, plant and animal health, for beneficiaries of direct payment, iii) develop human resources capacity in developing, managing and enforcing cross-compliance policies, iv) develop the capacity of farm advisory systems in providing assistance/guidance to producers in terms of cross-compliance, v) enhance awareness on cross-compliance.