Common Plans for Biodeversity conservation and sustainable targets for the development of bilateral network of protected areas

: Democracy and Governance
: 440.678,76 €
: Apr-2018
: Nature protection
: Apr-2020
: Grant
: 1.269.000,07 €
: Centre for development of the South-East planning region;ARISTOTLE UNIVERSITY OF THESSALONIKI-SPECIAL ACCOUNT FOR RESEARCH FUNDS - DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY; State Environmental Inspectorate;Region of Western Macedonia

: This ambitious project aims to provide a solid basis for common and effective conservation initiatives through the establishment of a common network of Protected Areas (PAs) between the two countries.To reach this objective the project scheme will:Develop a strategic plan and provide infrastructure to reduce irrigation water needs at Prespa Lakes National Park
- Apply measures to improve conservation status of priority habitats and species at Prespa Lakes National Park by mitigating the impacts of grazingDetermine ecological properties (species-habitats), borders and hydrology of the critical ecosystem of Monospitovo Wetland in Strumica
- Develop Regional Biodiversity Strategy-Action Plan, maps of key habitats, species & sensitivity of the South-East region
- Develop, test and implement Earth Observation techniques & innovative methods for monitoring conservation status and threats