Safe Cross-Border transportation of Hazardous Materials: Orphan Radioactive Sources

: Democracy and Governance
: 341.860,00 €
: Jun-2018
: Nature protection
: Jun-2020
: Grant
: 946.402,00 €
: Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki-Department of Automation Engineering;Greek Atomic Energy Commission19/04/2018Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering;Protection and Rescue ;Engine

: The main objective is: Non-experts in the radiological field, such as front line officers, will be familiarized with radiation detection, radiation hazards, and measuring and relaying technical information obtained from instruments for subsequent analysis by the scientific experts.This complexity and the need for optimized use of radiation measurement equipment obviously call for thorough training of the front line officer and the other competent authorities relative to their roles in the State’s national nuclear security plan.The project deals with green transportation and one of the challenges is to minimize any risks of accidents and pollution with hazardous materials.