GRANT ENHANCED INVOLVEMENT OF CIVIL SOCITY IN THE EU INTEGRATION REFORMS-Inclusive labour market for sustainable community development

: 12-7458/1
: Democracy and Governance
: 109.614,08 €
: Dec-2017
: Civil Society;Institution building for European integration
: Jun-2019
: Grant
: 120.574,28 €
: ECO Logic

: Overall objective(s):Improvement of the state policy related to unemployment of youth, socila services and entrepreneurship and making them in line with EU polices, through key dialogue with political actors CSOs business community and others. Specific objective(s):1)Involving CSOs in processes for policy creation and improvement of priority sector reforms related to non-institutional care and social services for elderly people. 2) Matching skills of young people with labor market needs in line with EU's best practices.3)Opening of key dialogue with political actors, business community and CSOs regarding their role in sustainability ans inclusion through participative approach.4) Providing more atractive education and training programmes by creation and use of ICT based methodologies that will lead towards new or improved processes of recognition and validation of competences.