GRANT ENHANCED INVOLVEMENT OF CIVIL SOCITY IN THE EU INTEGRATION REFORMS-Strengthening the role of civil society in assuring Equity and Excellence in Early childhood

: 12-7448/1
: Democracy and Governance
: 59.646,05 €
: Dec-2017
: Civil Society;Institution building for European integration
: Feb-2019
: Grant
: 65.610,00 €
: Foundation for Education and Cultural Iniatives STEP BY STEP MACEDONIA SKOPJE

: overall objective:to contribute to eu integration reforms by strengthening the competences and role of civil society in assuring equity and excellence in early childhood.specific objectives: 1)to develop a North Macedonian ecec framework based on/in correlation with the european quality framework for ecec.2) to build awareness and capacites of civil society for their role in improving policies and practices in ecec and promoting stakeholder involvement in monitoring and assuring the quality of provision.