GRANT SCHEME FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF PROJECTS FOR INCREASING THE COMPETITIVENESS OF THE BENEFICIARY COUNTRY-Increasing the competitiveness of the domestic SMEs in order to improve their cooperation with foreign investitors' companies

: 12-7329/1
: Competitiveness and Innovation
: 163.325,18 €
: Dec-2017
: Local economic development
: Dec-2019
: Grant
: 189.913,00 €
: University "Ss. Cyril and Methodious" in Skopje( Faculty of Mechanical Engineering/ Devision of Industrial Engineering and Management

: the main objective is to improve the performance of the certain companies in North Macedonia in order to be more competitive and ultimately be able to better cooperate with foreign direct investments. sprecific objectives: improved performance of the psfdis that are competent to collaborate with foreign companies and fdis.