grant scheme for csos for implementation of projects for increasing the competitiveness of rm - bringing the gaps between multinational companies and domestic smes in North Macedonia

: 12-7323/1
: Competitiveness and Innovation
: 144.978,65 €
: Dec-2017
: Research, innovation and technological development
: Dec-2019
: Grant
: 168.579,83 €
: Finance Think - Economic, Research& Policy Institute, Skopje

: the overall objective of the action is to establish and/or improve the linkages between domestic smes (dsmes)- multinational companies operating in North Macedonia with the final goal to increase domestic business sector competitiveness. this overarching aim is broken down into specific objectives: 1. to better match demand and supply between dsmes and mncs through addressing value chain supply barriers and mapping potential value chains; upgrade capacity of dsmes for skills foster "selling" themselves to the mncs; identification of opportunites, building networks and improving efficiency; reduce the technological gap between dsmes and mncs by improving capacity and infromation for standardization and elevating inovation and r&d capacity and fostering implementation of new spark networking between dsmes and mncs trough knowledge transfer and mentoring as well joint events.