GRANT ENHANCED INVOLVEMENT OF CIVIL SOCITY IN THE EU INTEGRATION REFORMS-Building capacities to sustain the development of Local Action Groups in EU Integration processes

: 12-7460/1
: Democracy and Governance
: 122.146,69 €
: Dec-2017
: Civil Society;Institution building for European integration
: Jun-2019
: 134.360,01 €
: Center for Promotion of Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Rural Development

: Overall obective(s): To enhance public private partnership through transfer of knowledge, EU experince and the best practices for establishment and functioning of LAGs for sustainable rural develepment.Sprecific objective(s):1)To increase knowledge and to strengthen capacities of civil society and local authorities about sustainable fuctioning of LAGs through transfer of EU experience and the best practices.2) To establish functional partnership among civil socity and local authorities in new LAG and its support.3) To provide policy recommendation to promote LAGs and their benefits. 4) To raise public awarness about advantages of LAGs and EU integrated policy