FINANCIAL AUDIT OF (Grant Contracts IPA/2014/354-222, IPA/2015/357-980, IPA/2015/361-144, IPA/2015/362-856)

: 380-250
: Democracy and Governance
: 33.565,00 €
: Dec-2016
: Institution building for European Integration
: Apr-2018
: 33.565,00 €
: Delegation of the European Union in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

: The objectives of this audit are to enable the Auditor to express an opinion on whether: the Financial Report presents fairly, in all material respects, the actual expenditure incurred and the revenue received for the Project for the periods listed below in Section 5-Scope, in conformity with the applicable Contractual Conditions; and the Project funds provided by the European Commission have, in all material respects, been used in conformity with the applicable Contractual Conditions.