W-S-S Effect (food Waste - food Security - food Sustainability Effect) - Building Capacities and Cultivating Accountability for real alleviation of (food) poverty

: 394257
: Agriculture and rural development
: 308.181,60 €
: Dec-2017
: Food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary
: Dec-2020
: 308.181,60 €
: Organization for support and aid for the socially excluded and poor citizen FOOD FOR ALL ヨ BHM ヨ Skopje

: The overall objective of the action is to encourage improvement of the legal and institutional framework that enables proper food waste prevention in the country. W-S-S action is designed with intention to create an adequate environment which stimulates an open debate between CSOs and different stakeholders (policy-makers, food industry, consumers) and consequently, inspires joint action for prevention and reduction of food waste and food poverty.