Mobile Teams for Legal Support to Low Income Individuals and Families

: 393525
: Rule of law and fundamental rights
: 199.375,55 €
: Jan-2018
: Civil Society; Judical reform
: Aug-2019
: Grant
: 209.869,00 €

: The overall objective of the action is to improve the access to justice for the most vulnerable groups of society. Three main strategies exist for improvement of the access to justice : a. Individualized legal aid, b. Improved accessibility of procedures and c. Empowerment through legal needs related information . These strategies are achieved through: normative protection, supply of remedies and demand for remedies where the first two are dependent from the laws while the last is determined by the individual skills of the person in need. Consequently, this action aims at two specific objectives: (SO1) Legal empowerment of low income individuals and families is the process of systemic change through which the poor are protected and enabled to use the law to advance their rights and their interests as citizens . The action will provide access to legal counsel and guidance and it will increase their legal awareness in legal areas most relevant for alleviating poverty. (SO2) Improvement of the legislation and the implementation of existing mechanisms pertaining access to justice. This action strives at improvement of the existing legislation for increasing access to justice and for scrutinized implementation of the existing mechanisms for facilitating access to justice.