Opening Opportunities

: 391861
: Education, employment and social policies
: 276.208,00 €
: Jan-2018
: Civil Society; Social dialogue
: Jul-2020
: Grant
: 276.208,00 €
: H.E.R.A Civil Association ( Association for Health Education and Research)

: The project aims to empower civil society and Roma community (including Roma youth and women) to actively take part in decision making by stimulating a participatory approach for development of local policies for addressing the needs of Roma.The programme blends social and entrepreneurial goals while making a commitment to creativity, flexibility and safe alternative forms of earned income. The project is about enhancing the involvement and impact of the civil society and Roma in local public policies to influence key reforms for further support of the community. This will be achieved by building the advocacy capacities of Roma and CSOs, establishment of Cross Sectoral Network, Participative approach in policy development involvement of business community and promotion of strong partnership dialogue among all relevant parties.