Supporting consolidation of the local self-government system in its capacities to ensure inclusive governance and growth

: 12-3731/1
: Democracy and Governance
: 1.999.935,57 €
: Jun-2017
: Institution building for European Integration; Decentralisation and sub-national governement
: Dec-2019
: Direct grant
: 2.252.940,83 €
: Ministry of Local Self-government (MoLSG); Ministry of Finance; Municipalities

: The overall objective is to support the consolidation of the country's local self government system and its capacity to ensure inclusive governance and growth.This will be achieved by ensuring there is a strong link between decentralization and inclusive and sustainable local development processes, in a supportive context of fiscal decentralization.The project also aim to shift the policy focus to providing equitable access to improved local services for all citizens through the creation of an enabling legal and institutional environment.