Construction of road section Gradsko - Interchange Drenovo as part of the road Corridor X-d

: 12-4986/1
: Transport
: 19.577.077,68 €
: Jan-2018
: Road transport
: Jan-2020
: 23.031.856,10 €
: CFCD, Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC), Public Enterprise for State Roads (PESR)

: Construction of a new expressway section (15.5 km - 2+2 lanes) between Gradsko and the Interchange Drenovo, as part of road Corridor X-d which is part the existing motorway A1.
The project will contribute to further development of the South East Europe Core Regional Transport Network and is of a major importance for the country since its implementation will contribute to better service of domestic and international traffic and will improve trade flows, economic development and cohesion.
The project also aims at promoting sustainable development especially through minimizing the adverse effects of transport on the environment and through improving transport safety.