Technical assistance for supporting the Operating Structure of Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning in implementation of the OPRD 2007-2013 - LOT6

: 12-2831/1
: Environment and climate action
: 237.002,95 €
: Apr-2015
: Institution building for European Integration
: Nov-2016
: 278.827,00 €
: Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning (MoEPP)

: Provision of technical assistance (expert help) to the IPA structure staff within the MoEPP to review and assess the quality of the draft technical and tendering projects’ documentation - Project Studies (Feasibility Studies, Cost Benefit Analysis, and Environmental Impact Assessments), Design Documentation and Tender Dossiers to be prepared by the on-going projects under Measure 3.1 and Measure 3.2 from the OPRD 2007-2013.