Further strengthening the national capacities for fight against organized crime and corruption

: 12-6314/1
: Rule of law and fundamental rights
: 1.040.850,00 €
: Dec-2016
: Judiciary reform;Fight against organised crime; Fight against corruption
: Jun-2018
: 1.156.500,00 €
: Ministry of Interior (MoI), Financial Police, Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Financial Investigation Office, General Public Prosecution Office, Basic Public Prosecution Office for Supression of Organised Crime and Corruption, prosecution offices, State Comiss

: The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is further strengthening of the national capacities in the fight against organized crime and corruption.
The purpose of this contract is to increase the operational efficiency of the law enforcement agencies for suppression of serious and organized crime and improving the mechanisms and inter-institutional cooperation in prevention and repression of corruption.