CSOs for Making Local Democracy work

: 381-939
: Democracy and Governance
: 299.224,17 €
: Feb-2017
: Civil Society; Institution building for European integration
: Jan-2020
: Grant
: 332.508,00 €
: Association of the local democracy agencies - Skopje

: To strengthen the role of local/grassroots CSOs to effectively contribute to public policy making on local level and democratic reforms towards the EU accession. Specific objectives: To create conditions for CSO more enabling legal and financial environment on local level; To establish and develop sustainable mechanism for partnership building and cooperation between the civil society and the local public authorities; To develop local CSOs capacities to become relevant stakeholder in civil dialogue and public policy making/implementation on local level; To encourage best practice exchange, networking and partnership at national/regional and EU level through development of community of good local practice and inter-sectoral cooperation.