It is time for a book

City of Skopje
: 604581-CREA-1-2018-1-MK-CULT-LIT1
: Education, employment and social policies
: 56.268,00 €
: 01.1.2019
: Culture
: 01.01.2019
: Grant
: 56.268,00 €

: Our project is focused on translation and promotion of literature for young readers, a specific literary genre that is seriously underrepresented on the Macedonian publishing market. We propose translation of 10 books from 10 European countries, aiming towards linguistic diversity and concentrating on works with exceptional quality which will motivate our young readers to explore the world of literature and improve their reading habits. By selecting most books from less translated languages and focusing on mobility in the promotional activities, our project increases the circulation of high quality European literature in our country. We have put special attention on the EUPL, including 3 winners of the prize. We have an excellent team of skilled and experienced translators, with most of them already having many translations supported by EACEA. We have also made sure to maintain a high level of artistic quality in our selection, with most of our proposed works having received renowned national and international awards. All of the authors in our selection will be presented to Macedonian readers for the very first time.Our project’s goal is to contribute to the transcultural circulation of high-quality contemporary European literature, especially literature written in lesser-used languages, support linguistic and cultural diversity, as well as promote an underrepresented genre. Additionally, it aims to foster the promotion and distribution of literary works by employing innovative methods, with a particular emphasis on digital technologies, in line with the objectives and priorities of the Creative Europe Programme.The quality of the works to be translated, the proposed translation and promotion strategy, as well as the experience and dedication of the team responsible for its execution, demonstrate the serious commitment of Bata Press to the cultural and linguistic diversity of the European Union and the principles of the Creative Europe Programme.