City of Skopje
: 604556-CREA-1-2018-1-MK-CULT-LIT1
: Education, employment and social policies
: 59.985,00 €
: 01.2.2019
: Culture
: 01.02.2019
: Grant
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: With no doubt writers write alone, in reclusion and in solitude.But afterwards all books find their own reader, or readers. In other words: there is a book, or books for every reader. Perhaps according to language rules these phrases are used in singular, but in reality people and books go hand in hand, in plural, they form their own communities. We read in silence, but at the same time, books own the power to create families around them. Passion for reading connects people, regardless of their conditional differences on other grounds – national, age, religious, political, social, etc.We classify books as well, regarding differences in genre, style, topics, structure, but then again, books and people meet in one common point: the moment of reading. While reading, we are all one and equal!That is why, this project involves not only translation, publishing, distribution and promotion of 10 European books from 10 different languages, but it also goes a step ahead of all previous Antolog projects. It creates READING COMMUNITIES!The project involves diverse books – children books, young adult, novels, short stories, thrillers, dystopias, so that it may cover as diverse a group of readers with as varied backgrounds as they may come. At the same time, it employs numerous marketing and promotional strategies to potentially form a readership as wide as possible. Thus, this project will not only address translation of the books as a precondition for communication between cultures, but it will also refer to dissemination of translations, through activities targeting the readers, such as commenting, recommendation, discussion and most of all – networking.The moment of reading is the focal point that joins the existence of people and of books. Once these 10 confirmed and socially engaged books meet at that one point, they will form the strongest and most influential communities of them all. Metaphorically put: DIVIDED WE WRITE, UNITED WE READ!