In our secret lives: European family stories

City of Skopje
: 594391-CREA-1-2017-1-MK-CULT-LIT1
: Education, employment and social policies
: 59.939,00 €
: 01.1.2018
: Culture
: 01.01.2018
: Grant
: 59.939,00 €

: Our project involves the translation of 10 high-quality works of fiction from 10 European countries into Macedonian language. The proposed books are diverse in terms of style and genre, and address a wide and heterogeneous audience, but the common thread that ties them together is the topic of family life and its implications on contemporary European identity.Our project has three main objectives. Firstly, it aims to support the circulation of high-quality European literature and promote the linguistic diversity of the European nations by translating works from lesser-used languages that have been underrepresented in the programmes of Macedonian publishers. In addition, by involving only authors who have never been translated into Macedonian, the project is to strengthen the transnational diversity of quality works in the long term. The second goal of the project is to support the translation of less represented genres, including short story collections, plays and children's and young adult literature. Finally, the project is to improve the access to these literary works by expanding the practices of publishing and distributing books in our country, with particular attention to publishing and distributing e-books. We will use digital technologies to expand our audience and special emphasis shall be placed on the promotional events, including activities that will raise the profile of the authors and translators. Moreover, special attention has been paid to the EUPL, with 5 of the proposed books having received this award.The positive experience from the previous years, the quality of the proposed works, our strategy and the experienced team to execute the project clearly show our firm intention to broaden the literary and cultural horizons of Macedonian readers. With the support of the Creative Europe Programme, we hope to create European added value, to enrich and diversify the Macedonian literary scene and to promote the European cultural values in our country.