Kaleidoscope: European novels for young readers

City of Skopje
: 594389-CREA-1-2017-1-MK-CULT-LIT1
: Education, employment and social policies
: 51.196,00 €
: 01.1.2018
: Culture
: 01.01.2018
: Grant
: 51.196,00 €

: In line with our editorial policy to introduce works written by authors that are underrepresented in our country, we propose translation of 10 books from 10 European countries. In this manner we would like to continue the exceptional collaboration that PABLISHER established with EACEA two years ago, when we received support for a project that saw overwhelmingly positive reactions from our readers.Our project comprise 7 works of children's literature and 3 winners of the EUPL that tackle topics which can be of interest to younger readers, as well as to the general audience. Alongside the promotion of contemporary European young adult and children's titles, which are severely underrepresented in our country, another of our main objectives is to create European added value and to promote linguistic diversity by giving special attention to works written in languages with which the Macedonian readership seldom comes into contact (Norwegian, Czech, Icelandic, Danish, Slovenian, Italian). With the exception of one, all proposed authors are to be translated into Macedonian for the first time, which will increase the circulation of European high-quality literature in our country. All proposed authors are original voices on the literary scene, winners of important literary awards and have received glowing reviews for their works and achieved serious international success. For these reasons, PABLISHER decided to present them to the Macedonian readership, not just through high-quality translation, easy access and wide distribution of their works, but also through innovative promotional activities.Basing the project on high-quality works, on our devoted team, on experienced translators that will invest all their capacities to produce quality translations and on a meticulously prepared strategy of promotional activities, PABLISHER would like to support the Creative Europe programme and show its serious dedication to promoting the literary wealth of European culture.