City of Skopje
: 594347-CREA-1-2017-1-MK-CULT-LIT1
: Education, employment and social policies
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: 01.2.2018
: Culture
: 01.02.2018
: Grant
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: Originality is the sense of life. Being true to yourself is the guiding principle of all our actions. Literature is also a search for your own voice. It is exactly this aspiration of European authors for being authentic and recognizable, specific and impressionable that inspires this project. BE U, B EU! is primarily literary action, since it involves translation, publication, distribution and promotion of 10 European books from 10 different languages. It gives a view of European literature in its generic predetermination to be developed in as many languages, genres, styles, perspectives as possible.On the other hand, is is so much more than literary, because this project that will mainly be conducted in Macedonia, creatively demonstrates to the readers that membership means preserving the original traditions (remaining yourself), and membership to the EU brand, in all levels of society, boosts additional personal and collective growth. In each of these books, each author looks for her/ his place, through own worldview, story, the manner of storytelling, through mannerisms and ideas becoming to her/him. Their thematic and genre difference makes them adequate, thus turning this conditional manifoldness into a coagulate process within the framework of the project whose axis mundi is authenticity.What unites all these books is the fact that they belong to the category of “contemporary”(they have been written and published in the last 30 years)but are still a bit “historic” since all stories are evoking the past, all of them have won literary prizes, all of them go beyond the literary frameworks established by predecessors and all of them deal with hot topics for European citizens.This project plays with the motto of postmodernists that all has been done in literature and in life, and turns into an aspiration to defy stereotypes and creates an original sense that reflects forms of life much deeper from where the eyes can see. BE U, B EU!