The Baltic viral thru literature on the Balkans

City of Skopje
: 578715-CREA-1-2016-1-MK-CULT-LIT1
: Education, employment and social policies
: 57.571,00 €
: 16.1.2017
: Culture
: 16.01.2017
: Grant
: 57.571,00 €

: “The Baltic viral thru literature on the Balkans” translates 7 novels and 3 story collections from the most underrepresented EU region in our country. The selected books are of highest quality: 6 winning EU prize for literature authors, and other prestigious international and national awards, having the status of best-selling authors, compared with the classics or acclaimed as future Noble prize winners. Majority of them strongly reflect the topoi of the Baltic area in their works: its mixed demographics, troubled history from the World Wars to the Iron Curtain, the rich contemporary. The project would reach mix demographics in the country through the use of the available channels of bookstores, fairs, libraries. The promotional activities featuring authors are concentrated on two major events: Skopje book fair and Krik festival. Inter-sectorial partnership with embassies, trade chambers and tourist sector, to boost the interest for the region is also planned. The mid-term aim of the project is to attract language students to learn and become the first translators from some of the Baltic languages. Digital promotion&distribution tools are envisaged to reach the widest possible audience in the country as well as the global migrant communities. Digital and audience development strategy is aiming at widening&deeping the audiences through e-store upgrades: integration, readers’ reviews, book discussion groups, subscription to online reader, digital storytelling. Live streaming, online linkages and other similar activities would be included. Goten web page would serve as a platform for digital promotion tools (digital presentation of the authors and the books, presentation of the translators, short promotional videos about the authors, the books, short videos from the promotions). Books will be available in both paper and e-book format. For the first time we will produce audio books. One hundred CD’s would be given to the Association of people with blindness.