Building Management Skills and Business Connections for Improved Service in Tourism and Hospitality Sector

Destination 2,3,4
: Sub-project no.09/2
: Competitiveness and Innovation
: 37.456,00 €
: 15.11.2019
: Tourism policy and administrative management
: 14.08.2020
: Sub-grant
: 42.085,00 €
: Foundation Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (CEED) Macedonia

: Sub-project objective:
Overall goal of this sub-project is to help improve the quality of the touristic offer in the selected regions (destinations) and increase the number of domestic and foreign visits (tourists). To achieve this, the project focuses on: ▪ Building capacities of top and middle managers in tourism/hospitality businesses through strengthening their managerial skills to develop better offers, build better teams, improve quality of services, attract more visitors and improve their business and strategic plans. ▪ Supporting businesses in improving their marketing plans, and inciting focus on online/digital marketing and internet usage for business promotion. ▪ Facilitate business contacts and cooperation between companies. ▪ Facilitate access to finance for tourism/hospitality businesses to improve their capacity and services.

Sub-project activities:
The project activities involve
• mapping of the tourism stakeholders (max 150 stakeholders) in 5 destinations: Ohrid, Pelagonija, Tikves Polog and Reka, developing and delivering training programme (five three days trainings, one per each destination) on the following topics: sales, promotion, communication, leadership, branding, touring etc.
• organizing five workshops with tourism stakeholders (one per destination) and identification of five alternative attractions per each destination (25), leading to selecting and piloting the top 15 alternative attractions (tours) demonstrating the traditions, traditional foods, hiking, biking etc.
• Promoting the top 15 attractions via producing brochure, 5 leaflets, 5 videos, TV campaign, developing web site, and organizing 5 (5 days) promotional events called’ Macedonian Alternative Touristic destinations’, one in each destination.