Capacity and innovation of tourism services for sustainable local economic growth - New approach through development of alternative tourist attractions

: Sub-project no.26/2
: Competitiveness and Innovation
: 89.977,00 €
: 18.3.2019
: Tourism policy and administrative management
: 17.03.2020
: Sub-grant
: 99.975,00 €
: Finance Think – Economic Research and Policy Institute, Skopje

: Sub-project objective:
To improve local economic development by building capacities of local stakeholders involved in the chain of the tourist offer, increased quality of services and development, launching and selling alternative tourist attraction.

Sub-project activities:
• Map of local stakeholders;
• Developing training curriculum and materials and delivery of three to five modules;
• Workshop with local stakeholders and citizens;
• Development and piloting of 10-15 highest ranked attractions;
• Designing promotional materials: bilingual brochure with the developed attractions representing five destinations, leaflets, videos and TV campaign;
• Networking and promotional activities.