Via Dinarica Macedonia

: LRCP-1/18-SG-21
: Competitiveness and Innovation
: 121.990,00 €
: 18.3.2019
: Tourism policy and administrative management
: 01.01.2020
: Sub-grant
: 135.545,00 €
: Mustseedonia

: Sub-project objective:
The Via Dinarica Macedonia aims to create a tourism business engine while linking mountains, villages, travellers, and local enterprises. The purpose of the proposed project is to facilitate tourism success at the core of the country’s offerings while focusing on Macedonia’s strengths: tradition, landscape, gastronomy, and culture.

Sub-project activities:
• Video photo equipment, mountain equipment, off-road vehicle procurement,
• Procurement of equipment for teambuilding activities in nature;
• Content production;
• Mobile App creation to accompany the Via Dinarica Platform;
• Map Guide (info about local stakeholders and businesses) for different sections of the trail production;
• Workshops to raise awareness among local stakeholders
• Trail marking and creation.