Online Marketing and Communication for Sustainable Rural Tourism Development

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: LRCP-1/18-SG-18
: Competitiveness and Innovation
: 83.868,00 €
: 17.1.2019
: Tourism policy and administrative management
: 03.01.2020
: Sub-grant
: 93.197,00 €
: Center for Sustainable Development ALKA

: Sub-project objective:
The overall project objective is to strengthen rural tourism in North Macedonia through online marketing and communication.

Sub-project activities:
• Identification of rural tourism facilities and services;
• Documentation, description, visualization of identified facilities, and services to be marketed online;
• Design and development of online platform;
• International online marketing campaign of rural tourism in North Macedonia;
• Six (6) regional trainings to be delivered; at least 120 providers of rural tourism services and other relevant stakeholders trained in online marketing and communication. Conducting of training;
• Setting up and promoting support center;