Comprehensive Promotion through On-line and Print Media and Education of the Tourism Stakeholders in all Ten Destinations to Increase Their Competitiveness According to Priority Segments

All 10 destinations
: Sub-project no.LRC-1/18-SG-4
: Competitiveness and Innovation
: 39.274,00 €
: 17.1.2019
: Tourism policy and administrative management
: N/A
: Sub-grant
: 44.005,00 €
: Association of Citizens for Promotion of Tourism, Dzeben Vodic, Skopje

: Sub-project objective:
Enhance the tourism competitiveness through promotion across print and online media and to improve the services/products based on the knowledge about the needs of the tourists, which is directly affecting their decisions and actions undertaken in all ten destinations.

Sub-project activities:
• Setting up the Web page;
• Social promotion on Facebook;
• Creation of unique, engaging and relevant content on a blog since story telling is at the very heart of destination marketing;
• Introduction of print bilingual English/Macedonian A5 guide in 15.000 copies
• Conducting of 5 workshops with practical solutions and developing skills for new tourism opportunities