Technical Assistance for improving the enabling environment for Civil Society Organisations in the Republic of North Macedonia

: 413-168
: Democracy and Governance
: 2.484.000,00 €
: Democratic participation and civil society
: 03/06/2024
: 2.484.000,00 €

: The overall objective of the project is developing the effectiveness of civil society in the country through an improved enabling environment at central and local level, and by involving the public institutions and the business community in this process through a structured cooperation with CSOs.

In particular, the service will provide technical assistance to contribute to enabling environment for civil society through the following four (4) components: a) Supporting the implementation of main objectives from the Government Strategy for Cooperation with civil society (2018-2022); b) Developing local and grass root civil society; c) Managing direct support to small grass rooting organisations, under the incidentals budget, for their activities and further development and operations.; d) Monitoring system for progress measuring of the enabling environment for CSOs and grassroots, including other supportive measures for CSOs/grassroots development based on a need assessment.